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Originating at the Iron Age settlement of Fosbury on the Wiltshire and Hampshire border in Southern England, the Early Name Variants had become established by the 12th Century in these counties and thereafter spread to include lands in Berkshire and Northamptonshire.
This is the Village of Fosbury as it appears today.
During the 16th century family branches were to be found elsewhere in the English Midlands in the Counties of Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire.
By the time of the War between the Jacobite and Williamite Forces in the 17th Century a branch of the family was established in in co. Limerick, Ireland around the village of Adare.
At the end of this war, following the two Sieges of Limerick, came the signing of the Treaty of Limerick, an event presided over by one of my ancestors Thomas Earl of Coningsby as Lord Chief Justice, and the subsequent Flight of the Wild Geese.
The infamous document was later to be dubbed 'The Broken Treaty'.

Already during the 18th Century family members had become established in North America, and the further extensive migrations of the 19th century found branches of the families of Fosbery, Fosberry and Fosbury settling not only there but also in Canada, Australia, New Zealand , South Africa, South America and who knows where else?
From a genealogy research point of view it should be realised that some of these spelling variations may have been simply clerical errors which then became established in the new country of the settlers.


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