The ancient family of Godfrey is supposed to derive from Godfrey le Fauconer, Lord of the manor of Hurst in Kent, as early as the reign of Henry II (1154 - 1189).
  Thomas Godfrey - dd. 1430 interred in Lydd church (Kent) left by his wife Joan Tamworth, a son                      
  Thomas Godfrey - of Lydd, the great-grandfather of                      
  Peter Godfrey - of Lydd who m. Joan, daughtr of John Epes. He dd. 1566 leaving his son                
  Thomas Godfrey - of Lydd who m. Mary Partricke and two others (Elizabeth Pix and Elizabeth Allard) by all of whom he had issue.

Relating to Fosbery in Ireland :
  Colonel Charles Godfrey married Arabella Churchill, daughter of Sir Winston Churchill, the 'Cavalier Colonel' who was wounded in the English Civil War; and sister of John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough.

Charles' uncle was Colonel John Godfrey, a Gt. Grandfather of John Godfrey of Bushfield, co. Kerry - who married Barbara Hathway, grand-daughter of the Earl of Coningsby.
Their daughter                             
  Philippa Godfrey (Sister of Sir William Godfrey, Bart) married Francis Fosbery Esq. (1738 - 1810) of Curraghbridge, Adare co Limerick in March 1773.