Major's Bay Pond
A possible site for Marina Development
in St.Kitts?

Looking SE from Major's Bay Pond - Nevis forms a backdrop.

Looking towards the Eastern end of the pond

View into the western end of the pond from the sand-bar

The main part of the pond

Western end of the pond

Across the sand-bar - the pond is to the left, the sea to the right

Major's Bay with moored dredging barges

Major's Bay looking eastwards through the channel with Nevis to the right

Nevis across the channel from Major's Bay

Looking southwards from Major's Bay past the western slopes of Nevis

The legacy of past hurricanes on the trees at Major's Bay

The rough track around the western perimeter of the pond

The S.E.Peninsular Road runs past the eastern end of the pond an area backed by 'good residential development land' - leaving the hills themselves undisturbed
A development might look

like this

The pond from above the Major's Bay road

as a small marina or SCB

The pond - to the right - is separated by a dense vegetation covered sand-bar from Major's Bay - to the left - moored barge in the bay

Major's Bay beyond the bar from the pond

With a southerly breeze a light chop sets up at the rocky eastern end of Major's Bay

Major's Bay with a southerly breeze blowing

towards the western side of the bay the waters remain calm

looking south from Major's Bay into a southerly breeze

looking south across the pond and the bar towards Nevis

a more westerly view - Nevis slopes are to the left and Nag's Head St. Kitts is seen to the right