Oldest Fosbery? Was Jane the Oldest Fosbery Family Member ?

Jane Philippa Browning
(n�e Fosbery)
February 1859 - April 1960
Born at Kilgobbin, Adare co. Limerick
Daughter of Thomas Fosbery - [ 1820 to 1893 ]
The County Surveyor of Limerick

Photograph taken just after her 101st Birthday - February 1960

She married in 1907 - Francis Browning of co. Limerick.

Formerly of Clorane and Buree Lodge, Adare co. Limerick.

She celebrated her 100th Birthday 1st February 1959.

She died following a fall in April 1960.

Jane and her husband Thomas Wise Browning, lived with her mother and her elder brother George Ralph at Clorane until George's death in 1939.

Her Father