George Fosbery
1745 - 1791
Kildimo and Clorane

Married Christiana-Mary Rice
October 20th 1782

George Fosbery of Kildimo was the son of William Fosbery of Kildimo, co. Limerick who was married c.1736 to Jane, daughter of Frank Evans.

He married 20th October 1782 Christiana-Mary only daughter of Thomas Rice of Mount Trenchard, co. Limerick and of his wife, Mary, daughter of Gerald Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry.

He died 11th July 1791,
Christiana-Mary died 1843

They had issue:

born 25th October 1783, who married his cousin Elizabeth Fosbery, see link below.

William (died young)

Thomas Rice (Rev.)
who married Althea Maria, daughter of J. Smythe of Barbavilla co. Westmeath. dsp. 1828.

John Francis
Barrister at Law, born 1790 d. unm. 10th December 1871.

Mary Rice
born 7th November 1784, married 15th April 1809 William Henn (Henn of Paradise Hill) - Master in Chancery, and died 15th July 1867. William Henn died 9th March 1857.

born 25th December 1785, married 1808 Colonel Anthony Lyster of Lysterville. He died 1841.

born 22nd December 1786, married 24th May 1819 Colonel Charles Powell Leslie MP. Of Glaslough, co. Monaghan (Leslie of Glaslough, Baronet) and died 24th April 1869. He died 15th November 1831.

Son George
Sister-in-law - Margaret
Gt. Gt. Gt. Nephew