Saint Christopher
an early Christian Martyr
has for many centuries
been recognised as the
Patron Saint of Travellers

Legend says that after he converted to Christianity, 'Christopher' was working for an old holy man who ferried people across a river, and one day a child appeared to him and asked for help in crossing. Christopher carried the boy on his shoulders across the river, 'the child' then revealed himself as Jesus.

Christopher remains the Patron Saint of all those who travel long distances.

What better place to travel to therefore than the beautiful island of Saint Christopher - commonly called Saint Kitts in the sunny, tropical Eastern Caribbean.

Come and experience the warmth and hospitality for which St. Kitts is famous.

The history of Saint Kitts, at one time called Saint Christopher's Island is a History of Travellers.

'Discovered' for the 'West' by Christopher Columbus during his second voyage in 1493, the island was named after his own Patron Saint.

The earliest settlers had been Amerindian People who came up from South America through the Islands in their sea-going canoes, they were called the Siboneys. Later came the Arawak People who were hunter gatherers and cultivators as well as sea-farers. They were later replaced by the more war-like Caribs, Amerindians who were the indigenous people met by the Europeans when first they came.

In 1623 Sir Thomas Warner settled here from England with a party of settlers. Later a party of French settlers arrived.

Following upon this came the West African Peoples, brought here in chains as slaves to serve European masters.

Today we are an amalgam of all that has gone before. We have been passed through the crucible of fire and are a proud and happy people ready to welcome all to our shores in friendship and hospitality.

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