Rodney Bay Marina
St. Lucia

Yachts safely Berthed in Rodney Bay Marina

Property Development 'takes off' around a Marina

An American Cruising Yacht - named 'Friendship'
charges up her Batteries before moving on down South
- solar power comes 'free' - shore power is chargeable ! -

The similarity of the Topography to Salt Pond St Kitts is apparent here in these three views

The popularity of Rodney Bay Marina is evident !

Viva !!! St. Kitts & Nevis in Rodney Bay Marina !!!

The extent of the marina basin - as we leave Rodney Bay Marina

The man-made channel into and from the Rodney Bay Marina

Rock Armouring protects the channel sides - here the Port (leaving) Buoy at the entrance to the channel

The Starboard channel exit/entrance Buoy

Leaving the safe haven in our wake - but we'll be back !

Thanks Rodney Bay Marina Management !

For now its back to St. Kitts