John Walcott Fosbery

John Walcott Fosbery

John Walcott Fosbery was born in 1826, a son of Royal Navy Commander Godfrey Fosbery and his wife Catherine Walcott. He was eight years senior to his brother Edmund, and both of them went to Australia as young men.

In 1854 at the age of 22 he was appointed to the Supreme Court department in the Australian state of Victoria - but presumably not as a Supreme Court Justice !!


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FOSBERY,  John Walcott        58        18 Jan.1854      Law - Supreme Court      


He married Isabel Lightfoot, and they had 6 children, 3 sons, Godfrey Montague, Edmund Walcott (jnr), and John Leslie; and 3 daughters, Muriel, Edith and Lilian.