Margaret Fosbery

Margaret, daughter of Richard Hoops of co. Tipperary

Married 1779, William Fosbery of Ballydonaghue, co. Limerick, youngest son of William Fosbery of Kildimo and his wife Jane, daughter of Frank Evans. He was born 1753.

Their children were:-

William (1782-1859)
of Liverpool who married Maria Ingleby - they had 9 children.

Alexander, George, Richard,

Francis (1791-1857)
married (1821) Meliora Rose.

who married Sarah Girdlestone. They had no children.

William Fosbery married secondly, Anne Monsell widow, the daughter of Exham Vincent.

The eldest son of this marriage was Thomas Vincent Fosbery (1807-1875) one time Vicar of St Giles' Reading, who married (1831) Emily Sarah Gooch.

Brother-in-law George
Nephew George