(christened Violet)

Second daughter of Herbert Edward Stringer and his wife Lilian (n�e Kerrison).
She was born in Fulham London 24th September 1913. Her older sister Lily had been born nearly two years earlier.

The infant Mollie with sister Lily and parents.
Taken shortly before her father left for France 1914-1918.

Showing her having caught up with and overtaken her, by then shorter, sister.
Lily is on the left and Mollie on the right flanking various cousins between them.
These photographs were carried through the First World War in France by my Grandfather.

Daughters Lily and Mollie with their Mother 1917 - father still away in France.

V. Mollie Stringer
1936 - when she used to fly - "Before I married your father!"
"He soon put a stop to that" she confided to me - years later!

The Plane my mother used to 'Buzz around' in - before she settled down into a 'Fosbery' r�le.

Mollie Fosbery
(n�e Stringer)
1913 - 1997
80th Birthday Photograph