5. Cockleshell Bay Pond

Cockleshell Bay Pond

This pond was in part filled-in by a previous - now seemingly abandoned - hotel development which project and its associated works has left much of the area seriously scarred and a public eyesore.

There is a constructed rock groin/pier at the eastern end of the bay which has withstood various storms and this is immediately adjacent and west of the natural outflow channel from this pond into the eastern end of the bay.

This is the obvious site if an entry channel were to be expanded into this pond.

The pond extends by another channel to the pond at the back of Turtle Beach to the Eastern (windward) end behind and under the shelter of Scotch Bonnet head.

The pond and surrounding land has been altered by a seemingly abandoned development.

The creation of a SCB here could put this land back to good useful development.

The lands are believed to be in private ownership.

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