4. Frigate Bay Pond

Frigate Bay Pond

This pond lies in an area which has been developing over the past > 20 years. We have heard in the past of 'marina hotels' projected for this site. There is already property development in this area including an adjacent Condominium/Hotel Resort and other similar developments in the Frigate Bay Area.

There is already a small channel leading from the pond into the bay, currently blocked by a short sand-bar into the bay. As in other ponds under consideration, access to this pond as a SCB would have to be enlarged and deepened, then reinforced.

The bar of this pond is well consolidated sandstone as has been seen during passage of storms which from time to time wash away the sand from the foreshore.

Channel reinforcements acting as breakwaters would have the additional advantage of helping to preserve the sandy beach against erosion at this popular tourist beach site.

The pond and adjacent land is under the control of the Frigate Bay Development Corporation.

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