Views of the Small Salt Pond
White House Bay
St. Kitts

Incorporating a Marina Concept

Small Salt Pond in the centre, with its silted up 'outlet' leading into White House Bay in the foreground.
Guana Point is to the Right, Great Salt Pond is to the Left, Nevis is the distant Peak away across the inter-island channel

At Ground Zero - the silted up outlet from the Small Salt-Pond

An access channel could be dredged though here

Conceptualised Channel Cut into 'Salt-Pond Marina' from White House Bay

The Panoramic view from White House Bay
showing the extent of the 'silt bridge' to the Small Salt Pond
Nevis seen in the distance beyond the hills towards the right.

Small Salt Pond with the Great Salt-Pond in the distance

The foreshore of White House Bay consists of heavy pebbles with off-shore rocks in parts.

White House Bay could provide an excellent entry for a

Marina in the Small Salt Pond

this area

would become this

With a Rock Armoured channel cut though to the pond
the area might look like this

Panorama showing the mound of Guana Point

Must we continue to lose Small Craft?
could this......

The area of Small Salt Pond at the back of White House Bay

become this ?

Conceptualised Serial Development of a Small Salt Pond Marina

and this ?

Even this!
A Developing Marina At Small Salt Pond

Now is the time to establish
a safe haven in St. Kitts and Nevis


the small salt-pond at present


Small salt-pond transformed into
A Salt-Pond Marina !

The protection and further development of our national marine sector industry is vital to the nation.
The economic boost that this would generate from Marine Tourism in the Eastern Caribbean at large would bring in tourist revenue Dollars and the create many needed Employment opportunities.