1. Small Salt-Pond

Small Salt-Pond (also called the Little SP)

Ownership of this area is in private hands, some of whom have planned for development of a mega-resort facility which also would incorporate a large marina.

Though this plan has been tabled for nearly 10 years, it is so far apparently without productive results.

A subsidiary company was also formed to develop the marina aspect of this project. It too has been in operation - seemingly suspended, for 9 years.

Studies have been carried out with regard to entering this pond through White House Bay, though the projected Resort Marina Basin would be located at the far (southern) end of the pond at the end of a long channel.

Creation of a SCB here might initially only require cutting a channel into the pond from White House Bay, reinforcing the sides thereof and dredging out a basin, probably just within the area immediately behind (east of) Guana Point.

This could allow for the projected greater development of the resort at the other end of the pond to proceed at a future time.
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