Col. Henry Thomas Fosbery

1915 - 2000

The son of Henry E. F , Colonel Fosbery was the grandson of his namesake,  H.T.F  the first of the Fosbery Family to emigrate to Canada, and Great Grandson to the,  Rev.Thomas Vincent Fosbery

'Tom' Fosbery was born in Ottawa and attended Nepean High School and the Royal Military College, Kingston, thereafter pursuing a military career perhaps in the footsteps of his decorated great uncle Col.G.V.Fosbery

He was commissioned in the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps in 1939 and by 1940 was serving overseas with his corps. He attended the Canadian War Staff College, at Kingston, and held various RCOC and staff appointments in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany until 1946.

On his return to Canada he was appointed Commandant of the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps School in Montreal, and served on staff appointments in Eastern Canada and Newfoundland until August 1954 when he was promoted to the rank of Colonel and became deputy director of Ordnance Services at Army Headquarters.

He was subsequently appointed Commander of Camp Petawawa following the sudden death of his predecessor Col. D.F.Forbes DSO.

Colonel Fosbery died in February 2000 at the age of 85.