1042             In Saxon times (Time of Edward the Confessor), Fosberg or Forstebery was held by Alwinus when it was assessed at 2 hides and valued at 15 shillings -

1066-87        After the Norman Invasion, it was held by Rainerus - who , according to the Norman custom , probably assumed the surname de Forsteberye.

1087             In the Domesday Survey it was valued at 30 shillings.

1194             Robertus de Forstesburie & Alice his wife were at Beding in Sussex.

1250             Gilibert de Forstesbury testifies in the matter of Richard de Harden.

1265             Robert de Forstebury testifies as to the property of Richard de Harden - son of the above.

1268-72        James de Forstebury at Grafton testifies regarding Robertus de Puncharden and Alicia his wife - née Esturmy.

1281             Johnes de Forstebury - forester in the Forest of Savernake - on record regarding the 'Wood of Helme' in that forest.

1286-87        His son Peter - born at Fosbury in Wiltshire - was Baptised at the Church of Shalburn.

1309             Post-Mortem Inquisition of the aforesaid Johnes shows him to have held a Messuage and Offices of 120 acres of land at Fosbury - in capite - from King Edward I
                     [1272-1307].        Peter being his lawful heir - his birth and age are proved.

1330             Peter son of Johnes is sued by John de Berwyk regarding his holdings in West Kenete, Kenet and Lokerigge and Shagh.

1334             John , another son of Johnes above is mentioned in a lawsuit regarding land.

1335             Adam Barbast and Alicia sue John de Forstebury concerning his holdings in West Kenete.

1335             Again in this year, John de Forstebury sues Adam de Brunesden and Amabilla his wife regarding holdings in West Kinete, Shaw and Overton.

I received this as an original h/w document from Nicky Fosbery Bell ascribed with initials T.K.E.