as it was when my wife and I visited on the Sunday following 11th September 2001

The following photographs were taken by

Marion Fosbury of Wiltshire in 1998

to whom thanks are due for submitting them for this website.

The visitor's first glimpse of   FOSBURY

the only road leading to the village is so small that even the sign is on the wrong side of the road - for England that is !!

The Ancient Church - dating from medieval times.

Back of the Church taken from the churchyard

Front entrance to the Church

the Tower

Another view of the ancient tower and Church entrance

The churchyard is behind the Church - RIP

A small cluster of cottages make up the sleepy village centre

seen here on a busy day !

view back towards the village from the surrounding countryside

the beauty of a field of flax in bloom beside the village

view on turning back towards the village as you leave

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