Leonard Arthur Fosbery
and family

Young Leonard Arthur Fosbery

Born in England, third or fourth son of Rev. Thomas Vincent Fosbery and his wife Sarah, young L.A. entered the Royal Navy as a midshipman.

Having completed his Service he emigrated to Australia and settled near Wagga Wagga N.S.W. with his wife Edith n�e Jones and their enlarging family, which eventually consisted of seven in all, six girls and one boy, named George Vincent - after his famous Uncle - but known as 'Dick'.

Leonard Arthur and Edith

Leonard Arthur at Work
The Land Appeal Court
Sitting at Wagga Wagga Court House
Around the turn of the century.

L.A. Fosbery [b.circa 1842] (foreground Left) appearing for the Plaintiff.
Hanbury Davis - Barrister for the Crown (foreground Right)
J. Keating - Registrar (centre)
The Sheriff's Officer (middle row Right)
Brandish - Commissioner (back row Left)
Alex Oliver - President (Centre Back Row)
W. Houston - Commissioner (back row Right)

Leonard Arthur at Leisure

Edith, the Family,
'Dick', Gertrude, Patricia, Phyllis, Marjory, Norah and Kathleen
and Life at "HUNTLEY" their house near WAGGA

Young George Vincent 'Dick', watched by his sisters.

Kathleen hidden by 'Leopard Grass' with Norah on the pathway

Gertrude and Edith

Gertrude and Marjory


Edith and Norah

Marjory, Patricia and Gertrude with Miss Myra Wood

Marjory and Patsy

Patsy and Norah

Phyllis with Marjory, Edith and Norah

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